Monday, 18 May 2009

Autodesk Design Review - GPS Mode demo

A colleague and the company's Autodesk Design Review guru Trevor Gallyot prepared a video testing ADR's GPS interface feature. 

It is quite a useful feature when doing field visits, reconnaissance surveys and dealing with a complex, evolving site.  A proposed infrastructure footprint can be laid down, making it easier to imagine the impact while walking the site at eye level.

Civil 3D was used to import Google images and publish to ADR.


  1. Do you have a link to the video?

  2. Hi, please see link below:


  3. Hi,
    I tried the USB GPS for my netbook. It fails to connect. Someone said Design Review only work on 4800-baud-rate GPS! Is that right? Which GPS you are using?

  4. Hi Eric,

    My colleague Trevor Gallyot did the ADR-GPS interface testing. Below is his reply.

    Hi there,

    To get the GPS feature working, I suggest the following:

    1. Ensure your co-ordinate enabled DWF(x) published correctly out of your Civil 3D or Map 3D software. If it did, you will see the co-ordinates displayed and tracked in Design Review at the bottom of the screen.

    2. Connect the GPS device (install driver) prior to any session with ADR. Open ADR, then run the GPS connect option. Once successfully connected, ADR usually remembers the device, so future activation is a just a ctrl+j keystroke.

    3. I have successfully evaluated the feature with the following GPS mouse:

    4. Just noticed via Volker's blog, that Autodesk Design Review's help documentation is now available on the internet, if you need to check spec or procedure: