Tuesday, 15 December 2015

GENIO Import/Export Extension for Civil 3D

The ability to export corridor and alignment objects from Civil 3D to MX using the GENIO export extension has been useful for me the past few months whilst working on a highways scheme that uses MX as the main design package.  I designed 2 local roads using Civil 3D and exported the corridor featurelines so we can add to the main MX model. The featurelines were named correctly in Civil 3D to be recognised in MX (ie. CExx for edge of carriageway, IAxx for daylight, CBxx for back of kerb, etc where xx is a 2-digit number).

One thing to remember is that the exporter doesn't give the ability to choose which design profile to export but will export all designed profile for the chosen alignment.

The tool uses the profile that was created first and ignores the rest.  

The GENIO screenshot below shows my superseded profile within the red box and current design profile in blue box.  For info, MX ignores any coding lines that has 3 spaces before of it.  

Something to be mindful of when using the tool and always check the GENIO output before using.

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